by Aeolia

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All music written by Parker Bracken
Lyrics by Parker Bracken and Marco Salinas
Produced and Performed by Aeolia
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Parker Bracken, Nick Malan and Randall Methe
Album Scream vocals tracked by Zac Claycomb

Aeolia is:
Parker Bracken - Guitar, Programming, Singing
Nick Malan - Guitar
Andre Ferrero - Bass
Randall Methe - Drums


released December 28, 2012

Guest Vocals on "Hallucinations" and "The first Entity" by Brandon Crabtree
and "I. Observation" by Lucas Cote
Courtesy of Euphony



all rights reserved


Aeolia Plano, Texas

Vocals - Zac Claycomb
Guitar - Parker Bracken
Guitar - Nick Malan
Bass - Andre Fererro
Drums - Randall Methe

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Track Name: Superposition
What have I become, I am all thats left
i am not dead
burned and scattered are these images of hope

Turn your head to the light of the fires
We find ourselves escaping the truth
If i go to die
Bring me back alive

dont be afraid
open your eyes, to whats outside
The world will not go away
this life your living will remain

you are all blind to the truth

dont be afraid
open your mind to whats outside
this world goes away
but this life your living will remain
Track Name: I. Observation
I have made my way down the avenue of space and time
following the pathway predesigned, down into the void of life.

Breathing in the spacial tide of consistent change, i look away
to the world of yesterday, for it seems so beautiful

This, i believe, is just a fantasy

inconceivable, our existence built by belief alone
lost the way, down the rabbit hole
free at night, breaking walls with flight
today, just separate

home, that place we call our own, a place no one can truly own
at home, a place where the world disappears, the fears of the day are erased
put to the side for tomorrow to restart, begin this cycle again, take me away

cleanse the masses, for the broken system, cleanse the whole, universal souls
observations leading me, into new lands, of discovery, discover me

aware of nothing, sickening the masses, this is what you've got
single minded apes scrambling for absolution, we are all sick
wrong, all of this is wrong
Track Name: II. Intelligence
wrong, all of this is wrong
wrong, all of this is fucking wrong

Erase your beliefs, and realize that everything you know is a lie.
Vengeance, we will have our vengeance

Every single day a constant struggle presents itself
Living life like this im sure death is more of a wish after all
Veiled eyes and failed lies
lighthouse guiding onto rocky shores
I cant believe anything anymore
this life consists of nothing but false doors

Vengeance, we will have our vengeance
live in such a world, just to kill it
suicide, the thought in my mind as radiation murders this planet
suicide, the thought in my mind as they radiate this planet

all this world's strife leaves me weak
false paradise coming crashing
to its knees

wrong, all of this is wrong
wrong, all of this is fucking wrong

Erase your beliefs, and realize that everything you know is a lie.
Vengeance, we will have our vengeance

Vengeance, we will have our vengeance
live in such a world, just to kill it
suicide, the thought in my mind as radiation murders this planet
suicide, the thought in my mind as they radiate this planet
Track Name: Calculating Eternity
Taken into shadows Departed from existence
Navigating the spectral void

Into the infinite expanse we are but hairs upon angels
throwing our weight blindly aside.

No, keep on pushing toward the future
we wont give up , we will press on
our planet will live on, will live on

Our planet will live on, again
Finally were breathing in, the air
To calculate eternity

Floating endlessly breaking into social spheres
fear instils the constant fear upon fear
preconceptions frighten simple minds
human psyches so close to the edge
shattering the walls in between our kinds
mental status aligned
Track Name: Gnarls Barkley
Fall down from the alter of civilization
The pride of man forever shackled
humanity dies, by the universe
survival of none, death from above.
Track Name: Hallucinations
black sparrow, golden sorrow, no ones eyes can perceive me; descending slowly, vision flashing, bending, light and sea
Cold sweat, breaking skin, genocide, fried chicken.
my true light is broken, spoken into being

Though you know, this won't ever last the night
You try and try for that visionary sight
Here i am, light of the sun, lost in its waves
fading through the shallows, there's no creators face
your mind is playing tricks on you
time forever lost in recalculation

Slow down, molecules vibrate rhythmic hate,
mind prisons, mariana's trench will end you
notice the people around you
and soon enough you'll begin to comprehend
relate the world to me
i've opened my mind now i see
you think, the world is the key
the universe will not let you in
superstition is following me
showing me knowledge of the cosmos

you'll land
on your feet in the morning
touch. taste. hear me. finally breathing.

in the rain we met the elite.
called all our senses. into check.
reality questions, our new heads.

introductions to the minds around
leave all your feeling to me
ill take you in again
falling endlessly
breathing cycles united in speech
wake up, you fools, you're dead to believe

Colors scatter around the scene
bringing gifts from time distorting machines
delved into and alternate world
of morphing rain

i open my eyes to a tapestry of light
and fright
Track Name: Contortion
Person. definition. human being.
the adaption of our species to accept this life.
aggression, the first reaction to resistance, can't be avoided, won't be avoided, you won't be avoided.

You can't erase your instincts. Culture shapes his empty mind.
unaware and programmed for ignorance, pineal blind spot.

Ego trip into outer confusion
Delusion shadows out the sun.

Animal, become the instinct of pain.

Interior Darkness
Primal reaction to action
Death from life, breaking free from this solidarity
the human gene infects the brightest mind

Track Name: Mengele
slabs of iron, concrete, amniotic envelope.
biological fractal, fucking weird.
genetic splicing. corrupting the fabric of life.
living material, separate the cell.
the cell.
make the call

So wake up to the truth of your broken answers, breath in safety
and now save it for who you've chosen to be

bring my creation home for recalculation.
i press you, take no care besides the eye to its movements and restraints.
bound by our restless and endless studies.
we must search the mind of anarchy; 
Chaos is the ultimatum, bury yourselves in the world that was made for him

we are against the wall again
we are against the wall my friend

Universal disorder, crushing the confines of humanity
bringing back the natural order, nature resets the earth
Track Name: The First Entity: Dreamstate
do i dare to close my eyes
faces the sounds
face the images
detachment, of reality and mind
new dimensions will unfold in due time

a storm is brewing in the back of the void
i will create my own universe

Now you know, you'll leave all of this behind
All we need are the souls too carry on your love!


begin your journey through space time
weariness accompanies this eager thought.
searching for the end, of, infinity
desire for control, for power.

the end is void
impossibility is part of reality
the end is void
the soul is kept in check, free your mind
look into your heart, and know this to be true
a ghost is what becomes of you
Separate the mental state
polish off the gold medals
elaborate the steps
rip fourth your mind
set free your soul
have i forgot to wake up?

please, free me from this cage
lost in the world of hate
ill do anything to escape
sell your soul to me

opened my mind to the world around me
now i see everything
the nature of the universe
unveiling its presence before me

A stretch of the eyes
Dilation of the senses
A touch of the soul and now
I'm home
Track Name: The Second Entity: The Akashic Book
This song has no lyrics.
No words can describe the feelings during this song.
Track Name: The Third Entity: Chrysthanimum
Peace, found within ocean waves
Forces through membranes of reflective eyes
As humanity begins to die
Detection of solar flares,
Dimensional radiation burns through the atmosphere
Skin begins to boil,
Existence flushes into cubes of light

Fall into, the beaming horizon of truth
and though you'll want to break through,
the duality surrounding you
out of isolation, through this ever present darkness
into the light, suddenly walking down a blinding road of colors

Illuminated by a eternal beyond
Trapped in the brightest darkness
Lost in mathematical calculation
Evaporation of knowledge

Shapeshift, the mental abyss, through dimensions beyond reality
Roaming the wilderness of geometry

Banished from the void
shattered between the truth and writers of fiction
stepping in on mental intrusion
filling the godhead, remaking truth
no greater depths than the examination of consciousness

escapes all notion of belief
Calling the obvious into question
what does it mean?

what is the answer, devolving with every thought
looking at the morphing door, take the step into oblivion again